Tougher Gun Control Laws

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Gun control policies are a debatable topic within the United States. Over half of the homicide deaths each year are gun related, and mass shootings are becoming frighteningly frequent. Lawmakers currently debate over making restrictive gun control laws that will intensify the requirements to become a legal gun owner with hopes of preventing the thousands of deaths caused by shootings each year. Gun rights activists believe that the government is threatening their second amendment right to bear arms, and argue that restrictive laws will not reduce death and injuries associated with guns. Although tougher gun control laws may not put an end to gun related deaths, tougher gun control laws can reduce the violence promoted in American culture, thus …show more content…
Criminals will always find a way to get a gun, therefore gun control laws will not reduce the number of gun related deaths. Putting regulations on buyers and sellers will not discourage criminals from committing crimes; it can, on the contrary, encourage them to illegally obtain weapons. Most criminals do not buy their guns from legal sources; they either buy them from illegal sellers or steal them, “Most guns on the street are guns that have been stolen from businesses or from homes” (Goldberg 1). Laws exist that require background checks and other basic tests before one can obtain a gun, but these laws are flawed. However,gun violence can occur only if the person has a gun; imposing strict measures on the process of obtaining a gun can prevent the person from ever becoming a threat. Gun control laws should be made that require mental evaluations of people who want to buy guns to make sure that they are sane. As a result, guns will never be in the hands of someone who can become a potential danger to society. For instance, “Handgun control’s goal of getting handguns out of the wrong hands keeps it focused on the victims of gun crimes” (Cox 17). If extra safety measures are put on the selling and ownership of guns, fewer people will have guns, thus making the possibility of run related deaths decline. The state should “Require consumer safety standards and childproof safety features for all firearms” , in order to ensure a decrease in accidental shootings (Watkins 1). Laws promoting a strict gun control can help keep guns out of the hands of people who could use them to become a threat to the safety of

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