Top Habits Of Highly Effective Digital Marketers Tops Tips For 2015

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Online marketing changes every day, and if you are just stepping into this industry it will be overwhelming and exhausting when you attempt to learn all the tricks, tools, and techniques you need to ensure your clients are happy with your work. To keep up, you need a strong foundation of what are the hot trends, the best ways to create compelling content and how to analyze what is working and what isn’t working. You must be able to think critically, act independently, and be creative 24/7.
Slideshare is a brilliant resource to provide you short guides that are specifically geared towards your industry, and the most useful resources are created by industry leaders and influencers.
I’ve put together this guide of my favorite presentations that were the most informative about digital marketing to help guide beginners and intermediate marketers. Note to Editor Please Embed This Slideshare:
Before you dive head first into planning a social media strategy for your clients, you need to invest the time researching what makes a successful digital marketer. This presentation doesn’t list the technical skills, but assumes you are already working on them. Social media marketing techniques are an important part of building a brand’s online presence, how you handle your day-to-day management, and a few habits to help you focus and enact your plan of action.
Favorite Slide:


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