Bernard Roth's The Achievement Habit

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Life is Not That Easy
In the book “The Achievement Habit” by Roth, Bernard, the theme of chapter two “Reasons are Bullshit” is do not use reasons to justify someone 's behavior. The main point is to stop using reasons to get out of certain situations and to stop making those certain actions seem reasonable. Roth’s rhetorical appeals and arguments are effective because he explains how reason are simply excuses to hide what people 's priorities really are. Roth backs up his argument using Aristotle’s’ Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.
“We are far better off without reasons. They provide people with excuses to keep behaving dysfunctionally. Okay, Yes not having reasons would lead to a strange existence” (Roth 43). This shows his audience authority by
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Roth’s word choice explaining reasons are “bullshit” is appropriate due to the fact he uses pathos in his tone of voice when expressing how harshly he feels about using reasons or making up excuses to justify any situation. He appears knowledgable (Logos) because he is accurate about reasons being bullshit. “It turns out that my life works better when I do not need to come up with reasons. Society loves reasons, knowing there is a reason for everything is comforting” (Roth 39). He is showing knowledge by stating how people rely on reasons to get out of predicaments. Knowing that others will be willing and understanding to a person if they have an excuse makes life too easy and unfair. He simply knows this for a fact because he did the same exact thing for his board meetings, he always had an excuse for why he was late. Roth relates to his audience when he explains to them how he did not make his meetings a priority so …show more content…
This quote states how using reasons to explain themselves will eventually catch up with them and people will see right through those reasons. If someone is having to constantly repeat themselves stating that they are not something they most likely are. Roth tells his audience how studies have shown that people are selective when it comes to recording what really happens to and around them. He talks about how strong we may feel about an object or person but how completely wrong we could be. He is logical in the sense that he does believe in good reasons. “I can 't help it, I was born that way” is an example of a good reason.
Roth’s thesis stating “The problem with reasons is that they are excuses prettied up” shows his argument on why he believes reasons are bullshit. “We need not victimize ourselves with our own excuses” ( This shows how people should not victimize themselves by their own excuses. People learn to make themselves seem like the victim in any situations and this convinces the audience why reasons are not

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