Tools Within The Agencies Of The Patriot Act Essays

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Tools Within the Agencies. Information sharing is not the only tool that comes along with the Patriot Act. Agencies such as the Secret Service, Air Marshals, and Border Patrol exist to help prevent terrorism. Another agency where anti- terrorism acts have been exemplary is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. There was an instance in an airport in Miami where the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detained a suspected foreign money launderer named Libardo Florez-Gomez. He laundered over one million dollars to Columbia every month for a terrorist group by the name of FARC. The agent who caught him was aware of the Patriot Acts and the new elements that came along with it in the act of preventing terrorism. For circumstances comparable to the previous, Homeland Security and the U.S government declares that the Patriot Act enables freedom of citizens and allows security to be the first priority. At times civil liberties are sacrificed in order to protect others. However, the sacrifices are never considered unconstitutional or in any way preventing citizens their constitutional rights. Examples of the Patriot Act being used today are discovering suspects that have laundered money outside of the United States for terrorist groups. Especially today with Isis terrorist groups the Patriot Act plays a huge role in finding people being recruited by the group and preventing bombings, shootings, and other terrorism acts. After conducting the research as to why the Patriot Act…

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