Essay about Tongue Control By James 3 : 1-12

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James 3:1-12 Have you ever wished that, like the cruise control on your cars, you could have a tongue control switch?
I’ve often thought that if I could just cut out my tongue or tape my mouth shut my walk with the Lord would be infinitely easier. It would stop the unkind word, the undisciplined word, the stupid word, the inaccurate word, etc. from escaping my mouth and becoming reality rather than just thought. Not to mention the fact that it would also prevent the sin of gluttony! How often do we wish we could bite back the word we just said? How often do we become lazy in our habits and let words flow from our mouth that we know we should have stopped? How many children have had their fragile self-esteem shattered by the words of an angry parent? How many marriages are fractured because the routine, predictable, conflicts of life explode into relational battlefields as one or both of the partners use words to hurt, accuse, or abuse rather than communicate?
It would seem that Jesus knew this was a struggle for humanity. I did a search of “tongue” on You Version and there were 4,957 responses!! Did I read them all? Definitely not!! But it did seem to me that the very plentifulness of references was proof positive of our need for supernatural assistance in taming this strongest of all the body’s muscles.
James quite explicit in our scripture reading today and no more so than when he said, “No man can tame the tongue.” Scary thought, isn’t it? James is…

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