Tissue Culture Essay

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History and Application of Plant Tissue Culture
HORT 306 Term Paper
Huan Wu 1. Introduction
Tissue Culture means the tissue or cells that separated form the origin organism.
Tissue culture technique is a very important tool for human society.
Tissue culture allows sample accurate and fast copy of advantage individual, making a lot of miracles based on science. It shortens the time for normal selection, and spread out controllable advantage traits.
Tissue Culture plays key role in crop selection. Tissue Culture is also a basic tool for trans-gene technique.
To these days animal tissue culture is mostly used in medical research, plant tissue culture is more commonly used. Plant cells are less complex than animal cells, they are sample
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Resent development
Based on the availability of verity of technique, from 1980 to now, tissue culture was widely used in trans-gene to produce better crops.
Stronger and better plants was selected by tissue culture technique from then on, a lot of plants (crops and ornamental plants) that met human need was created in plant lab ever since. Nowadays, plant tissue culture was a very successful technique that used in almost all plant research.
3. Technique
Plants tissue culture technique is based on the concept of plant cell totipotency. The highly divided plant cell has the potential to reverse back to stem cell, and in correct environment, it can develop back to be a new plant.
The preparation for tissue culture technique was simple in these days.
The nutrition, growth factors and the environment vary depend on the plant type and the experiment goal.
1. obtain cell or tissue from the origin plant.
2. treat the tissue with nutrition and growth factors to obtain callus (this is a culture of undivided cell)
3. transfer tissue to petri dish or flasks and controlled environment. Treat with growth factors to form leaf and
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Plant that produced by tissue culture is single gene sourced, by doing this, the advantage traits is secured to pass on to every plant. Tissue culture plant can easily and massively reproduce. And they are very controllable. Callus can cut in many pieces and each could grow to a plant. In farm production, one strawberry callus can reproduce 100 million new strawberry plants. Any new traits or rare traits can be amplified easily. Also, those labs made plants will not be affected by environment. Reproduction can be done anytime of the year. But there is one down side for tissue culture plant. Since all plants are copies of just one plant. They could be easily infected by insect and virus. The illness of those plants could be pass on to the next

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