Stem Cell Research In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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When we speak about Frankenstein the first thing that crosses our minds is the tale of Victor Frankenstein and his creation that turned out to be his worst nightmare. The creation of this creature is the biggest question when it comes to this story and I believe an easy explanation for the creation of Frankenstein could be Cloning or stem cell research. Stem cell research is a very complicated process and can lead to difficulties but also has its pro’s and although some people may claim that pursuing stem cell research is like playing the role of god like they said in Frankenstein stem cell research saves many lives. Some cons of stem cell research is that the plasticity or flexibility of these cells to differentiate into desired cells or organs …show more content…
Since stem cells can produce new tissues they could help in treating terminal illnesses such as cancer. A new tissue could be grown to replace the cancerous tissue. Adult stem cells and umbilical cord stem cells deal with this problem because adult stem cells are found in adult organs and tissue mostly bone marrow and umbilical cord stem cells are stem cells collected from the umbilical cord of a baby after delivery. Stem cell research can cure diseases that were once incurable can be done using stem cells. Its safer to use organs grown using stem cells during organ transplants because there are no risks of the body rejecting it. Blastocyst stem cells are undifferentiated cells from the inner cell mass of the 5-9 day blastocyst and fatal stem cells are collected from fetuses at less than 20 weeks of gestation. Pros of the umbilical cord stem cells are that they are easily collected, high flexibility of organ and tissue production and its found in large amounts. Adult stem cells are cells that come from a human body that is already alive and donates tissue. They are considered more ethical than embryonic stem cells. With stem cells, there are no risk of the body rejecting organs because it is made of the person’s own cells and it only takes 5-7 weeks to grow simple organs. Organs that are grown from a cell sample can be given to people in need of organ

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