Persuasive Essay On Stem Cells

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Stem cells research could eventually help lead to cures for numerous diseases. Cancer, for example, affects one in four Americans, and takes 1,800 lives every day. Heart disease affects 64 million people, costing hospitals $368 million (Germinder, Hills). There are many potential uses for stem cells. Stem cells can be transformed into almost anything. It is crucial in the health industry to understand how stem cells are extracted, how they are beneficial, and how the research for stem cells is funded and supported.
Stem cell research is preformed in many different ways. There are different procedures that doctors and scientists use to extract them. Stem cells are very different than any other normal specialized cell. A stem cell is a cell that
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The embryonic stem cells are actually more beneficial and have more potential uses in becoming different body parts and helping cure diseases. Embryonic stem cells are extracted from three to five day old embryos. At that point in a embryonic fertilized egg, they have about a group of one hundred unspecialized bundle of cells called a blastocyst. A blastocyst is a group of cells with absolutely no function, but later on they make up what we need to become a person. The blastocysts are then given a purpose and a place as to where they go and what body part they become. When the blastocysts still have yet to be given a purpose is when they have potential to become just about anything. A technician will extract a single cell from each embryo and test for genetic disorders before using to benefit someone else (Crenson). When the stem cells are extracted using the correct procedures, they have much potential. All ages of people can benefit from stem cells. Stem cells are a blank slate that can be turned into about anything says Brain in “How stem cells work” (1). Stem cells are beginning to become a smarter, and more trusted type of study in the world of medicine. A number of pro-life Republicans, including Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, support stem cell research. "There is no greater way to promote life than to find a way to defeat death and disease," says Hatch. "Stem cell research may provide a way to do that." …show more content…
There is a new class of stem cells called the “F” class. The “F” class can reproduce and replicate very quickly. It is said that the new class inst as “sticky’ as the other stem cells. The adhesion is much less than normal embryonic and adult stem cells. The new class is called “F” class because they appear to be furry says Morin (1). “F” class cells are genetically modified, (G.M) and engineered blank stem cells originating from mice cells. The “F” class cells do not occur outside of

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