Difference Between Success And Failure In College

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There are a variety of things that place demands on an adult student’s life. Two of these demands are time and money. Both of these demands can make it difficult to be successful in college. Developing strategies for balancing these demands can mean the difference between success and failure in college. There are strategies that can help make the demands of college more manageable. We will discuss some of these strategies later in the presentation, but first we will define these demands in more detail.
Time Spent on College
Time is the one of the demands that can be the most difficult to manage. Attending college is much more than just going to classes. The amount of time that it takes to attend class, do homework, participate in group projects, study and review for tests adds to the amount of overall time spent attending college. According to the University of Michigan, Flint Surviving College website (University of Michigan, 2015), it is estimated that a student should plan on devoting two to three hours each week outside of their normally scheduled class time for every credit hour they are enrolled in. For one four hour class, Information Literacy, FYE 101 for example, a student should plan on 4 to 8 hours outside of class time. For a full-time class load of 16 credit hours, a student should plan on 32 to 48 hours per week outside of class
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Every student will have different study plans but the same goal. Every student has a similar but ultimately different way in studying based on commitments outside of class, so their study plans are different. Some students find that studying nightly for thirty minutes is more realistic than studying a few times a week for a longer period of times. Developing a study plan needs to be based off of upcoming tests, quizzes, your average in certain courses, and projects that will take up most of your time to

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