Time Management, And Using Time Wisely On Our School Work Essay

748 Words Sep 10th, 2016 3 Pages
In class we were assigned two readings, about time management, and focusing on our school work. The readings were “Getting to Work”, and “Using Time Wisely” in A Pocket Guide to College Success. In the readings there was a tremendous amount of explanation about studying, and doing homework. I have to agree with both of the readings. Each one of them had very good ideas on how to succeed in your freshmen year of college. Some of the lessons that I thought were helpful and some that were not were making a plan, have time for you, get to know your teachers, and study. First of all, making a plan is one thing that I found very helpful when reading that part of chapter. In both of the readings it was saying make a plan, and get your work done. I understand that you should already have a plan in order, so that you don’t get to overwhelmed. The way both of the readings had suggested making a plan, was plan it the night before. To be completely honest, I have never been the one to plan anything out. I do whatever has to be done the night before it’s due. I think making a plan is one thing that made me rethink my organization for college. As I’ve said before planning is not my strong suit, but this part of the reading has shown me what I can do so I don’t get overwhelmed with homework, and essays. Initially, this have time for you stuff was pretty self-explanatory. In one of the readings it had said don’t forget to go have fun, because college is not just about all of the school…

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