Throughput Is The Rate At Which The System Achieves Its Purpose

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Throughput is the rate at which the system achieves its purpose. The purpose of the hospital is to deliver quality care of the patients efficiently. The fragmentation of the activities also leads to waste thus compromises the throughput. The assertion is that hospital won’t be able to manage its throughput until it becomes an interconnected activities of a system. Hospital functions as collections of various departments or other units. The competition for scarce resources among the components as they struggle to optimize the operations. Most of the competition is from the beds, wheelchairs, IV pumps, medicines etc. Addressing the root cause of patients care disconnection, service delivery, performance outcomes, the service provider and employee satisfaction.
Health care is characterized by various fragmentation in disciplines, departments, organization geographical locations, while those being served depends on the coordinated effort. The entire system propagates waste like time, resources as well as good will.
Given the complex processes found in healthcare settings, proper management should be paramount. The management of processes includes planning, monitoring, directing, and can monitored through visualization methods like alerts as well as reminders.
A flow chart is a picture of the steps of a process in a sequence of services that enters or leaves the process like input and output, the decisions, time taken, people involved and measurement of process.
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