Managed Care Budget Analysis

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Health Care Budget
Managed care is a hard and complex organization. Managing an organization day today is a hard task but having individuals throughout the organization providing excellent service will help keep the organization at an all-time high with profitability and viability. It takes time for an organization to have a successful business and to have a better understanding of account budgeting. Most health care organizations use planning and budgeting functions to help a there organization succeed in identifying goals and objectives to make sure their organization stays on a task of improvements. Planning and budgeting play a big role in organizations to make sure that the organizations are establishing the goals they want to achieve
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This increase is happening because of the patient revenue, and new managed care contracts that were early negotiated in the 2009 budget as well as the new marketing goals that’s are being set in place. Those marketing goals are supposed to achieve more than 15% to the organization (Operating Budget Assumption 2010, 2009). Most of the total expenses of the 2010 budget are expected to increase due to the repayment of borrowing in the 2009 budget, and it’s supposed to increase over 30%. Since there was a deflation across the country, the salaries and benefits will stay about 1%. The supplies will decrease by 3% because the deflation and the organizations purchasing a surplus of supplies for a larger discounted prince in 2009. The economy around the world is causing the pricing of oil to go up, which is causing a bigger increase for the rise of utility cost. It’s expected to increase more than 5% in the 2010 budget assumption. The increase is expected to stay at 5% because of the new air and heating system the hospital purchased in 2009. But overall the net income for the 2010 budget is expected to increase more than 93%. This due to the fact of the hospital improve, financial operations as well as the marketing, deflation prices, equipment and managed care (Operating Budget Assumption 2010, …show more content…
Financial management has areas that they specifically focused on, and some of those areas include planning, investment decision, financing, capital management, etc. There are many ways hospital organizations demonstrate the use of effective financial management practices (Calabrese, 2013). One effective way financial management used in organizations is the staffing and using them on a need-based or workload. There are many organizations including the Patton-fuller hospital that experience changes in patient senses based on certain season. When there is a low point in the organization money can be wasted because staff may not be needed, or they may get sent to another department. Another financial management practice is to help manage and plan for certain cost issues. Most health care organizations have the same goal of trying to prevent expensive health care cost, so they try to keep the patients as healthy as they can. Most organizations need to reevaluate their investments plans and improve and understand what the best practice is for the organization is. The key to understanding and getting the best effective financial management is making sure the finance data is in the right use of hands in order to make the organization successful ("Hospital Strategies for Effective Performance Management - Healthcare Financial Management,"

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