Essay on Three Levels Of Leadership : Leadership

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5 Levels of Leadership
Leadership potential is an attribute that has been noticed by an existing leader, which in turn makes a recommendation to place an individual in a leadership role. This attribute sets a leadership journey and will instill leadership qualities. They become a leader in an organization, responsible for supervising, decision making, networking and developing others, amongst many other challenging roles. The five levels of leadership are a great model of following the principles of leadership and guiding an organization and others to places they have never been before.
Level 1 Position Leadership
The First Level of Leadership is Position. Positional leaders tend to voice demands rather than involve themselves in the effort required to complete a task. Respectable leadership is about getting involved in the project or vision with others and helping them stay focused on the outcome. Skilled and effective employees often lose passion for their work if they are constantly given tasks without the ability to contribute ideas or take part in brainstorming activities. Positional leaders follow the guidelines and others around them fall short of their potential because they only do what they are told to do. This becomes a common routine in the workplace and it gets old for the organization and the individuals that work in the organization. Effective leaders build a strong team that works well together and are excited about going to the workplace. These types of…

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