Three Issues Considered Essay

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Three Issues Considered
The first question I will address is “Are science and philosophy closely interrelated, or are they different in their goals and methods? Science supposes that there is only one proper basis of knowledge, it is experiment and rational analysis of nature. Philosophy tends to say that there are many ways of understanding, just as there are many forms of knowledge and many beginnings of that knowledge. In the beginning there were sciences but no actual scientist. They were all known as philosophers. Philosophy invented intellectual thought and rigorous reasoning which in turn is what invented the sciences. Philosophy continues to influence science by questioning the science's weaknesses.
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One of the views that contradicts the interrelationship of science and philosophy is “Nobel physicist Steven Weinberg (1992) took the rather unusual step of writing a whole essay entitled “Against Philosophy.” In it, he argued that not only is philosophy not useful to science, but that, in some instances, it can be positively harmful” (Pigliucci, M.). This question is one that is disputed, throughout the science and philosophy world. “As in any parent-offspring relationship, things can get acrimonious, with the offspring staking out its territory while denying the parent’s relevance or contribution, and the latter having a difficult time letting go of the now adult and independent progeny” (Pigliucci, M.). In my opinion without philosophy there would not be any science philosophy developed intellectual thought and reasoning, without the ability to put the question to the test and to gather the information to complete the research and experiments there would be no science. The second question I will address is “ Is beauty completely in the eye of the beholder? Is what counts as a work of art utterly subjective? Are there any universally agreed on standards of taste, beauty and aesthetics value? In my thought on the three questions is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, therefore it is subjective, although a piece

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