Thoughts About The Prom Analysis

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Thoughts about the Prom. Thoughts about school. Thoughts about the future. Thoughts about Sylvester and his unrelenting crush on Theodore. Too many thoughts that clung to his mind, and all Lewis wanted to do was rip his hair out.
"You with me, Lewis?"
Lewis tried out a few blinks before realizing Sylvester was staring at him with concern. With his eyes closed and a lazy smile on his face, Lewis gave a soft hum and nod. Double reassurance never failed. Whether Sylvester believed him or not, Lewis didn 't know, but he did feel the big guy 's hands grab his waist and pull him and his seat closer. Sylvester grumbled, but before Lewis could ask what he had said, he felt Sylvester 's nose digging in his hair. Lewis couldn 't help but squirm and giggle
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This conversation is over," declared the frustrated woman with a pinch to her nose. Emotions strapped with a belt, Lewis nodded as he threw every curse word he knew at her in his mind. She couldn 't even say it while looking him, thought the blondie, stupid bitch wouldn 't be able to say no to his face. That 's why she had to keep her eyes close. With that thought gaining momentum, Lewis couldn 't help but think that the bitch probably had a couple of new bills tucked in her pocket. How much did Ethan pay her to pair Lewis with him? Did he pay for a blowjob too? She probably got down on her knees and …show more content…
Even though he towered over Theodore, Sylvester looked like a nervous child. He kept pointing at something on paper, and to whatever he would say, Theodore would nod and smile, leaving Sylvester frozen for a few seconds before he pointed at the paper again. Lewis spent a minute or two, staring and thinking it was the cutest thing ever.
And then...
Sylvester would grab Theodore 's arm and pull the smaller boy onto his lap. They angrily make out, lips locking and saliva running, and when things got too hot for the class, Theodore would wrap his legs around Sylvester 's waist and Sylvester would stand up and march out of the class. Lewis inserted this for his sake; Sylvester would give Ms. Carol a violent push while having on hand groping Theodore 's ass. Maybe as he would walk out the door, Sylvester would give Lewis a grin that would say, "I 'm getting it on with Harper."
With the image of Sylvester 's uplifted lips manifesting his mind, Lewis felt the cool confidence straightening his back. He looked to Ethan, who had the ability to read the paper without moving his eyes, and said, "Yeah, we both agreed it was for the

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