This Strange And Sacred Scripture Analysis

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Matthew Richard Schlimm, who wrote “This Strange and Sacred Scripture” raises a plethora of questions to sections of the Bible people have always thought to have had answers too. As someone who has always taken the Bible at face value and believed everything to be true; both the Old Testament class and Schlimm’s book make me question what I truly know as a fact from the Bible. Both the class and the book make me wonder why God did certain things in a particular way too. One of the first topics of Schlimm’s book that we discussed in class was, is it okay to have doubts and ask questions about the Bible? Which was a really hard topic for me to comprehended at the beginning of the class, but know my perspective on the question has completely changed. …show more content…
In my personal opinion Christians should have doubts and questions because it makes their faith stronger on a deeper level, but there are parts of the Bible that contradict each other that should raise questions. I think that asking questions about parts of the Bible is a must because it makes the reader understand the scripture in a more personal and deeper level. If I as a reader do not understand a certain piece of scripture, but I just ignore it because I do not understand it, it does me no good in understanding Gods word. As a good Christian I should try and find answers on the parts I do not understand, and gain a deeper understanding so I can get what Gods message is out of the Bible. Questions will and have already strengthened my religion because it makes me understand what the real message was behind these parts of scripture, and it just makes me understand and become more invested in my religion. All Christians though should have some questions because parts of the Bible completely contradict each other. The biggest one comes in the first two chapters on the Bible in Genesis one and two. Genesis one talks about God creating the world in seven days, the particular order everything was created, and how it was all created. Genesis two however says that God made everything in one day and He created it all in a different order. If Christians do not have questions after reading

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