The Spirit Of Elijah Analysis

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Elijah was known for being a prophet. “His example of trusting in God’s word is the best one we can find in the Old Testament prophets.” Elijah confronted Ahab two times, once when devaluing God granting inheritance of the land and the second is the murder of Naboth. Elijah confronted Baal and his rule, because people believed that Baal could control the rains. “ Yet the rains were a gift of Yahweh, not Baal; Yahweh decided when it would rain. Baal’s followers thought him dead when drought struck, but he lived when the heavens rain oil, the wadis run with honey”

Elisha followed in Elijah’s footsteps. He started his ministries during King Ahab’s last years. He was a faithful servant. He was known for his miracles such as parting the Jordan River after taking up the mantel of Elijah after he ascended into heaven. It was declared, “ The Spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha” (2 Kings 2:15). He also made bath water wholesome (2 Kings 2:19-22). “ His reputation soon assumed so sacred an aura that harassment of the
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Baal must have been a very important God to those who believed in him because rain supplied them with food, and whether or not they were able to feed their community/family. I like it because Elijah is taunting them, and basically making them look like fools. He basically called a war between two Gods and all of the people agreed this was a great idea. I see Elijah as a very sarcastic man, especially when he says “Pray louder!, if Baal really is a god, maybe he is thinking, or busy, or traveling! Maybe he is sleeping so you will have to wake him! (1 Kings 18:27). I just love how he is a strong man of God, yet he still has a sense of humor. I always see prophets as very serious people who have very little fun, yet, the stories of Elijah show that they were human, who loved God, and yet still were sarcastic and

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