They Don T Teach Corporate In College By Alexandra Levit: Book Analysis

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Since I started studying business management, I have read many self-improvement books related to business management and corporate world. Unfortunately, a considerable amount of them was not appealing to me due to either the authors’ style of covering topics or unsuccessful choices of the topics. On the other hand, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College by Alexandra Levit was truly a game changer for me. Years of Levit’s experience in the corporate world and her writing talent combined together produced a phenomenal roadmap for starters as myself. The book drew my attention from the first chapter until the last one. In addition, I gained truly valuable knowledge that will help me exceed in my future business life. Therefore, They Don’t Teach …show more content…
Levit does not only tells the audience about the solutions to key problems, but also effectively teaches them, and illustrates how to apply them. The self-development books I have read prior to Levit’s book tell the reader what needs to be done in a certain situation as well. However, Levit also provides real life examples from her experiences and others about concepts that she points out. To illustrate this, when she presents a problem that might occur in the corporate world, she first addresses the problem and gives the solution, and then provides hers or others experiences related to the problem. In addition, her examples show the reader what might result in lack of presence of applying the ideas she presents. By doing so, she demonstrates the importance of her ideas. I find this method significantly effective since it makes me pay attention more and remember the important claims she makes. Moreover, while talking about some key concepts, Levit gives the reader a certain situation relevant to the concepts. In these situations, there is a problem, and she mentions a variety of solutions of which some are correct and some not. The reader first decides which are correct, and then finds out if they are right or wrong. By this method, the reader does not only find out the solutions, but also learns how to work them out. To sum up, Levit manages to help the reader turn information into

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