Essay on Theory Of Writing : Iteration IIi

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In my first theory of writing iteration, I stated that writing was communication with words. For writing to be effective, it had to fulfil a purpose and conveyed a message successfully. Although I still believe this to be true, I also declared that effective writing involved correct usage of grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, etc. No longer agreeing with this statement, it was the initial concept that challenged the way I view effective writing that changed in a manner of months.
Evolution of Writing
Writing Scenarios
High school provided the ideal environment to succeed in writing persuasive, narrative, argumentative, and informational essays. Most variables such as audience, purpose, and format remained constant. With every essay the audience was the teacher, the format was typically five paragraphs, and the purpose was to inform or persuade. These conditions allowed students to foster the mindset that our writing was solely for the eyes of our instructor, and therefore, conform with personal writing skills. It didn’t allow for students to think of writing past receiving a grade or think of writing outside of an educational scenario. This is the first concept that evolved during the first-year writing course. Writing became a challenging manner of thinking about communication that expanded far past an educational circumstance.
In high school, I remember working in a group where we had to find rhetoric in an excerpt of…

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