Theoretical Road Map Analysis

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Theoretical Road Map
In Genesis 1, God created all things: light and darkness, land and sea, the sun and the moon and called them good. He created man in His own image and called him “very good”, and everything was perfect for a time. However, like any great story, there is always a plot twist. When God created Man, He gave him free will and the ability to choose right from wrong. More often than not, man has chosen the wrong choice. Human beings are susceptible to lies and capable of destruction and evil. In light of current events in Charlottesville, Virginia, it seems that humans have not changed much over the years. Despite these horrendous acts, there are aspects of humanity that should be noted. There were some people that were full of hatred that it resulted in violence and even death. At the same time, there were hundreds of others who fought against the hatred that has been directed toward minorities and stood up for what they believed was right. They marched for a love of all people and all races. Human beings are both of these groups of people. They are capable
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409). The way that people process the events around them can often lead to faulty thinking and maladaptive beliefs about themselves or others. This type of thinking can influence how they feel emotionally and physically. Using Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, the therapist encourages the client to “decenter” their thoughts (p.399). This gives the client permission to acknowledge that their thoughts are simply thoughts and do not accurately describe who they are as a person. Just because a client has a certain thought that feels real does not necessarily mean that the thought is a reality. By practicing mindfulness, the client can become more aware of their faulty thinking and choose not to engage in destructive

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