Book Of Genesis: Two Key Components Of Human Nature

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There are two key components of human nature expressed in the book of Genesis. Genesis 1-2 addresses the beginning, when man was created, and more specifically created in the image of God. This is essential, because it displays the “goodness” in not just all of Creation but God’s distinct love for human-kind as we were blessed to be made in his image, “In the first Creation narrative, Genesis 1, God celebrates what he has made and gives humankind a position of honor and responsibility,” (Shuster, 2013). This image includes the gift of rational thought, the capability to love, our spiritual attributes and our dominion over Creation. The Garden of Eden was a temple, a paradise of perfect harmony, encompassing the true and pure relationship that God desired to have with humans. Along with the rest of Creation, humans were innately good in …show more content…
Because of our desire to be like God, despite the fact that we were already like God, we only became familiar with evil, our purpose is simple. We must learn to love God again, and this can only happen after denying ourselves. God has desired a worship-focused relationship from the very beginning. He wants to walk with and among us, to develop a personal relationship with. Ever since sin has been introduced into the world, a relationship with the Creator requires faith followed by action and sacrifice on our part. Surrendering isn’t a process up, a cowardly act or an example of failure. It’s a commitment of faith, for he gives us the freedom to say no unto him, but every opportunity to yes to him. Accepting Christ and denying yourself are two panes to the window of faith, and opens up the gate to a perfect relationship with God that will one day be eternally restored. To be free as humans and Christians, this is the relationship that we should strive to

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