Significance Of Genesis 2 And 3

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Genesis 2 and 3 might seem that it focuses on the creation of the world as we know. However, if we look beyond this storyline, we can see that Genesis 2 and 3 is actually about how God tests Mankind. The testing is not to see Mankind fail, but rather, how Mankind can improve. Throughout the entirety of Genesis 2 and 3, we see that The Garden of Eden was made by God that one may test Mankind. We can see this through the order of creation, how Mankind gets tested, and from how the punishments are dealt .
The order of creation of Mankind, the Garden, and the creatures are of significant importance to Genesis 1 and 2. The first thing God creates in this text, aside from the Earth, is Mankind (Genesis 2:4-7). This highlights the importance that
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These punishments are in fact the final tests to be presented in the Garden of Eden. Man’s punishment, which has been interpreted as mortality (Genesis 3:17), is a test to see what Mankind can make of his meager lifespan. This shows that God has faith in humanity to redeem themselves in His eyes. This shows that still cares for humanity despite their flaws as he could have just as easily disregarded them and created a new, better, creature. This is very similar to the result of Woman’s punishment, childbirth (Genesis 3:16), it is a punishment that is double sided. At first, while it seems to just be pure pain, it causes a deeper connection between kin. It is working through pain and suffering in order to achieve something as beautiful as human life. Consequently, God is being shown to have faith that while Mankind may struggle against temptation, He has faith that, through pain and suffering, the future will improve. The final punishment is that of the snakes. At first, it might seem that there is nothing affecting Mankind in the snake’s punishment. However, the snake gaining sneaky qualities such as having a low profile (Genesis 3:14) shows that God will continue to monitor and test Mankind after they leave the Garden. This is important as it, once again, shows that God hasn’t lost hope and will continue to observe

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