Whole World Reflection

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The True Story of the Whole World makes the Bible God’s one true story. This book summarizes the bible, and it influences others. The book is about taking God’s word and making it into one story that everyone could understand a lot easier. Reading this book gives a lot more understanding of the bible because whenever one would read the bible they would somewhat understand it, but at times they might get very confused. As Goheen says, “The first chapters of Genesis picture a cosmos of exquisite beauty, harmony, joy, and pleasure.” Just reading this sentence gives people ten times more clarity on what the first chapter of Genesis would be on. Plus it’s amazing how the book falls back on redemption, rebellion, etc… These are things that people …show more content…
This explains that God can basically do anything because he is the almighty one that created, earth, and his greatest creation, human! Going into more of the story it says, “Having formed them in the wilderness, God now gives the people a land in which they can live and fulfill their call to be a display nation” (Goheen, 63). In Joshua 6:21 it says that the Israelites eventually attack the city and destroy everything in the Lord’s command. This is just one story out of the many stated in this book. God gives the Israelites blessings in this story, he gives them a town to live and make God known by living the lifestyle God wants them too. This story is important because it shows the good in God. Then the story goes on to explain the Intertestamental period! “When (in 331 BC) Alexander’s armies conquered the Persians, the control of Palestine fell to the Greeks” (Goheen, 97). This is a story that is highlighted because Alexander the Great was the great Greek conqueror prior to Jesus. Alexander was a great man who had great vision, but eventually this started to lower Israel’s religious honesty, which relates to today’s society and many things throughout the world. As people try and believe in other idols besides God. Then, redemption had finally accomplished with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Jesus gets beat and punished by the Jewish, but takes all of it for God to make others’ lives better. “And the soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head” (John 19:2). Eventually when Jesus dies, he rises, “But instead of finding a sealed tomb, they meet two men in shining clothes” (Goheen, 130). The women are not shocked but, calm and tell the disciples next, then there comes the spreading of the good news….. “Peter concludes his sermon….” (Goheen, 140).

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