The 's Law Website For The City Of Long Beach Essay

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Current Census data and statistical information gathered from the Megan’s Law website for the city of Long Beach has shown that there is a current increase in overall crime and a high number of registered sex offenders located throughout the city. With the city being home to many schools and other public institutions; how safe are young women who make up the majority gender on Long Beach’s school campuses? From this question, our team compiled compelling statistical evidence and the idea to build a business around a smartphone application that would help prevent young women from being victims of sex crimes all throughout Long Beach was born.

Crime Rate Statistics and Legislation

At the end of 2015, Long Beach has seen increases in both violent crimes at about 20 percent and property crime at 15 percent. Police have also just reported the highest rate of murders in the past six years at 36 incidents, and propositions such as 36, 47, and AB109 all put a strain on incarcerating criminals by reducing a good number of felony convictions down to misdemeanor offenses (Yee, 2016). The motive behind this legislation is rooted in saving taxpayer dollars and minimizing the likelihood of overcrowding prisons, but Long Beach Police argue that there exists a correlation between fewer incarcerations and the increase in overall crime. The application is intended to prevent sex-related crimes but can be versatile in the long run to be utilized in alerting the network developed during a…

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