The Writing Of My Writing Essay

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My Writing Journey The writing processes that I have developed as a writer in GSW 1110 have led me to be a successful writer and can be useful in my immediate future as a student and an working adult. Before I enrolled into this class, it was a struggle for me to just write a half page essay with correct format and grammar. The development of my writing skills have led me to be a skilled writer and have a better understanding of how different kinds of papers are formatted. The goals I set before starting this course have been challenging to meet, but my instructor has guided me in the right direction and showed me ways to reach my goals. The skills I developed in GSW 1110 will not only help me in academics and my career but will give me the ability to think for myself and give solutions to many issues. Throughout the papers I wrote during this course, I have done research on the topics and learned the ways of using the sources I collected. The websites used in each paper such as news, government, and organizations, have given the background on all of the papers written for the course. For example, in my Arguing a Position with Sources essay, I used research from different websites that provided an insight for my position of how kids are being pushed too hard. Websites specifically used were New York Times and Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine which gave an accurate and viable resources for my paper. The use of researches in my essays have given me…

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