The World Of Computing Is Growing Fast Essay

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The world of computing is growing fast in the early 1970s with an ambition and dream from a young Bill Gates a Harvard graduate and his partner Paul Allen. In 1975 they founded what would become known as Microsoft Windows along with Steve Ballmer a classmate of Gates to help run the business they will build one of the largest if not the largest computer companies in the world. The first operating system was known as Windows 1.0 released on November 20, 1985 it was designed for serious PC users it included scroll bars drop down menus dialog boxes to make it easier to use. The predecessors to Windows 1.0 were 2.0, 2.11, 3.0, and Windows NT. In 1995 Windows starts to come of age with the advancement of the Internet. Windows 95 was released on August 24, 1995 this was the biggest launch to date for Microsoft selling 7 million copies worldwide its first five weeks. The digital age is upon ua with the internet ability to surf the browser of different web pages and send emails. The 32-bit operating system also offers enhanced multimedia capabilities, more powerful features for mobile computing, and integrated networking. Windows 98 released on June 25, 1998 it was the last version based on MS-DOS. This version made it easier to open and close apps more quickly also find information easier it also was able to read DVD discs and USB devices. The Quick launch bar was introduced this allowed you too run programs without having to look for them in the start menu or the desktop. Windows…

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