The Winter Break Last Year Essay

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Winter break last year was an experience for me that I will never forget. It is when I found who I was and who my real friends and family were. I went into winter break that year as one person and came out a totally different person. Many people do not know why I changed so dramatically, they questioned a lot. I tried to explain but no one understood. It was a blistering cold winter morning when my mom called me and explained to me that my cousin Leila was going to come over to my house because her parents were at a meeting. I was excited to see her for the first time in a month. Leila had been my best friend and cousin since I was a baby. We always had the funniest inside jokes and the most creative and unique games. Although she was one year younger than me, we got along perfectly. She arrived later that evening around five o’clock. As I opened the door for her, her eyes lit up with excitement and we both already knew the prognosis of the night. Running into the basement and into my room we began talking about what we had done during break. Until suddenly Leila received a text message from her friend Hannah. As she opened up the message, she seemed like she had learned the cure to cancer. I asked excitedly, “What’s so interesting?” She hesitated to tell me, but told me anyway. “Well… my friend Hannah wants me to go over her house to hang out with all these guys that we know from school. Do you think your mom would let me go?” I became agitated. Why does everything…

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