The Weight Loss Of Losing Weight Essays

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losing weight can be a daunting task with so many confusing content about weight loss. If you have been wanting to lose those extra pounds for a while now, then its time you take action and get rid of that muffin top. Forget about those weight loss pills and fad diets that don 't work .

step 1: Change your mindset you need to change your mindset and how you think of yourself. Believe that you are capable of loosing the weight and motivate yourself .This will enable you to commit to your exercise routine when you your body is sore, when you want to give up.
Step 2:get support share your decision to lose weight with your loved ones and ask them for their support. Ask them to help you prepare your meals and to accompany you to the gym or for a run, for moral support.
Join a weight loss support group. It 's better to do it together than doing it alone. You will be more motivated as you will be in it together giving up would be unlikely because you would feel like you are disappointing your group.

Step 3 set your goals set realistic goals and a period within which you would like to achieve that goal. Your goal should be specific i.e. "I want to lose 20 pounds before summer ". Write your goal on paper, put down the reasons why you want to lose weight. Then write down a commitment .when you feel discouraged and less motivated read your commitment and keep going.

Step 4 change your eating habits
This is the most important step in your weight loss journey. It 's true that abs are…

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