The Way Students Act Outside Of The Classroom Essay

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The way students act outside of the classroom, is the way that they also act in the classroom. It may take time to show it, but the character traits of each student will resemble how they are in a learning environment. Each student is a different person, and they all have different ways of learning, however, if they don’t have good character traits it will start to affect the way of learning. Character traits of high school students will effect them later on in their life. Having good character traits, turn into having good habits, and those habits help the students succeed in school. To be successful as a student having the character traits like optimism, having a good attitude, and self discipline are important. Optimistic students are most successful in high school, than students who aren’t optimistic. A professor from an online school program stated, “Optimism is a foundational characteristic of a successful student” (Concordia). Students who have optimism have a higher success rate than students who don’t. For example, if a student gets assigned a lot of homework or a big project, they find the best out of the situation and complete it: when the assignment is completed the student realizes that they are one step closer to college. It was once stated that, “ Recently published reports about optimism among… students suggest that even during a… challenging time, optimism is still possible.” (Johnson). When a student is even stressed out about a situation they can still be…

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