The Importance Of Student Characteristics

Teachers who are familiar with student characteristics have a considerable advantage in planning their teaching. Explain how. I want to first define what a characteristic is, Merriam-Webster says a characteristic is “a special quality or trait that makes a person, thing, or group different from others”, so all students characteristics are different. Some students may have characteristics that help them as learners in a classroom and some may have characteristics that hurt them as learners in a classroom and it is vitally important for a teacher to learn what these characteristics are in order to make learning happen for all the students in their class. In the article Students’ characteristics and teacher–child relationships in instruction: A meta-analysis Nurmi (2012) states “that student characteristics may evoke various responses from teachers(179)” so to me this is saying that the students characteristics could possible have as much of a negative effect on the teacher and how …show more content…
(p.19)” This can have much to do with the individual person and the behaviors and characteristics of the student. Teachers have a hard job of trying to identify those characteristics and find ways of connecting to each student in their class. Fisher & Frey (2012) go on to say “memory, emotion, schema, and experience as essential components of learning. (p.20)”, so teachers are faced with understanding a students dynamics at home and other issues the student may be facing in order to understand how the student learns and where a students has come from. Nurmi (2012) states in the article “teachers’ instruction is guided by the knowledge and beliefs they construct about their students, and by the student behavior-related emotions that they experience

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