The War Of The Cold War Essay

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Introduction At the close of the Cold War, the world witnessed an end to an era of hostility and conflict between the two economic superpowers of the time. These countries, the United States and the Soviet Union, battled over political ideologies for several decades. This “battle” of ideologies, which began its spread in the aftermath of WWII, never truly heated up into a full blown war. Instead it came as a state of political hostility (a “Cold War”). However, this hostility did inturn spark conflicts throughout the world. Many of which consisted of proxy wars, which claimed many lives and several millions of US dollars. In addition to these wars, another major world issue became the development of nuclear arsenals, which began to develop in several countries across Asia and Europe. This race for nuclear arms resulted in the production of several thousand weapons that hold no real purpose today but as a deterrence against other stockpile holders. However, the risk of these arsenals spreading to either unwieldy governments or terrorist organizations poses a very real threat to the world as a whole. So due to this instability, conflict and fear produced by the Cold War, it 's clear that neither side can truly claim victory over the other.

Before the War At the end of WWII, much had changed across the economic scope of the world. Europe, the once economic powerhouse, was left in ruins as it attempted to recover from the costly war. The United States on the other…

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