Essay about The War Of Gaza And The West Bank

1055 Words May 7th, 2016 null Page
Little did Israel know that the Six Day War would turn into a fifty year occupation of Gaza and the West Bank? During this occupation the Israeli Government placed settlement and settlers in the disputed territory for the purpose of keeping a buffer between Israel and the Palestinians as well as using the settlements and settlers as a means to keeping Gaza and the West Bank. During 2005 the Israeli government began removing settlers and turning the land back over to the Palestinian’s with the thought that holding on to it had become too big of a problem and it had become to taxing to the Israeli government (Monitor, 2015).
With the peace process stalled Israel would best serve its National interests by leaving the settlers and settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. Without a Palestinian peace deal the financial cost and man hours and loss of strategic lands would leave them more vulnerable to a Palestinian attack.
By staying they can keep the status quo and to a degree keep the Palestinian’s in check and use the territory as a bargaining chip until peace deal terms are met by the Palestinian’s. The status quo would be dangerous, but no action would be needed on behalf of the Israeli’s they could continue doing what they are currently doing which is leaving the people that are currently in the occupied territories in those areas and protecting them. The Israelis would also keep the pressure on the Palestinian’s by not moving the settlers and staying in Gaza and the West…

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