2.4 Explain Ways To Motivate Staff To Achieve Objective

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On the other hand, under paternalistic leadership approach none of the employees are provided with enough independence, entire decision is taken by the manager only. However in present time, employees require freedom and they wanted to be a part of firm’s decision making process in order to show their commitment. Therefore, paternalistic leadership is not applicable for new division of Alpha.
In laissez faire approach of leadership, every employee takes part in decision making; this creates more conflict among employees as manager is not able to lead from the front. For operating new shops of Alpha Company, this leadership approach will not work out to be suitable. Therefore, we believe that in order to manage sales team and overall operation of Alpha new branch, democratic leadership will play an effective role (De Vries & Oostenveld, 2010).

2.4 Explain Ways to Motivate Staff to Achieve Objectives
There are various motivational strategies for motivating employees in achieving organisational goal. These include Two Factor Theory, Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory and X & Y Theory. In order to keep the new sales assistant and employees motivated, Alpha Company should use Maslow`s need hierarchy theory in order to achieve their sales
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Strongest believe is that team work is the best approach to share abilities, ideas and skills of the team members. When team members are not responsible on individual basis for the failure or success, they are dependent on the performance of each other (Gatewood & Barrick, 2010). They share similar vision with different approach to achieve the goal; and for that they help each other out in reaching their targets. This unity of skills and knowledge makes greater way to success (Townley, 2014). Below we will discuss some of the factors that shows how team work has contributed towards achieving success for Alpha Company and making them one successful retail firm of

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