The Vision Of The Student Council Organization Essay

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Vision The vision of the student council organization has helped shape me into the leader that I am today. In the past three years, I have promoted student participation in activities such as dances, coffee house, and other student council functions, as well as involvement in any school related activity, such as pep rallies. I encourage student participation through the use of social media, my own participation and excitement for these events, commercials, and interactions with my peers. While I participate in spirit weeks and pep rallies, often that is not enough to promote school spirit. School spirit stems from students feeling welcome and comfortable in their own school, so I challenge myself to decrease the apathy, and in turn increase the school spirit, by trying to make students feel accepted in our school. By simply offering someone help, answering their questions kindly, or even giving them a simple compliment, I try to show them that they are welcome and accepted, which will encourage their spirit for our school. While all of these aspects of the student council vision are crucial, the leadership potential has definitely been the biggest change for me. As a freshmen, I was timid and wasn’t sure of my leadership abilities, however, with the experiences that student council has provided me, my leadership skills have blossomed. I have attended leadership camps and conferences, which transformed me into a leader that can delegate, accomplish tasks, and function…

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