The Various Categories Of Service Essays

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1. Identify and discuss the various categories of service described in Gregoire
Service can be categorized in several ways. The main types of foodservice described by Gregoire are table service, counter service, self-service, tray service, takeout service, and delivery service.

Table Service: Table service is common in the commercial foodservice industry and can either be simple or complex, which is commonly characterized by the type of waitperson (a waitperson is someone to seats guests and takes orders). The most common table service, American-style, involves plating food in the kitchen before being served. A French-style, or family-style service, involves food being plated at the table. All and all, well trained staff are important for high success.
Counter Service: Counter service, which is commonly found in a coffee shop, has the made purpose of getting food to the customer quickly. The counter attendant is usually responsible for all tasks- including ordering meals and washing dishes.
Self-Service: Includes a wide variety of spectrums including buffets, vending machines and sports facilities though cafeteria service is the most common. Other types include quick service, buffet and vending machines. Cafeteria service provides self-service of foods that are usually prepared in advance that are a great choice are employee-feeding options. Food display, merchandising and marketing of menu items are important to cafeteria foodservice. Quick service is where the customer…

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