Essay on The Value Of Managing Time Management

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Literature review
Time, as it is known, is an important resource that everyone possesses (equally) but come utilization, where there is total failure because of varied reasons of an individual. The asset cannot be either purchased or changed in any way. The only secret of achieving greater things in life is managing time effectively by sufficiently emphasizing on planning so as to meet set goals. Time management is essential to every individual, especially campus student who encounters hectic schedule packed with various activities and class lessons. Setting goals and priorities, while monitoring the time usage, facilitates productivity. This in the end reduces stress, maintains balance, working effectively and finally academic success, needed by the students.
From this perspective, people see the value of managing time because it enhances their lives in every dimension. The concept of time management is defined generally in expressions of behavior clusters that is seen to facilitate productivity while alleviating stress at the same time (Lay & Schouwenburg, 1993). It has been known that effective strategies of time management increase the academic performance are that it is encouraged by academic proponents as it enhances student’s achievements. Study methods (productive ones) are characterized by time management and strategic studying, although the programs emphasize on starting large tasks before due dates (Campbell & Svenson, 1992). This can be done by breaking down…

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