Essay on The Value Of Friendship : A Long Lasting Friendship

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The value of friendship some say is lost. Some even say a long lasting friendship does not last these days, although just finding a good friend is hard to do because you need a lot of support from one another in a long lasting friendship and a long lasting friendship take a lot of hard work also. I have to say that they are wrong because that changed for me thirty-nine years ago in the Third Grade. It was the year 1977; I was attending Langdon Elementary School in Washington, DC. It was my second year at the School. My family had just moved to the neighborhood just a year ago. I thought I would be in the Fourth Grade because I felt that my Third Grade Teacher Ms. Henry did not promote me and it was a mistake because she did not like me. They never made the correction, I am glad to say. There I was now entering the Third Grade again for the second time. Today I would have to say that the day that change my life and my best friend life. I do not know where or when during that day Corey and I met, but from that day to now, we would remain the best of friends.

We should never overlook the value of friendship. Especially when you have a great friendship like minds and Corey friendship. The moment we became friends that day in the Third Grade was one that neither of us would realize we still be best of friends thirty-nine years later. From the Third Grade to the Twelve Grade. From Elementary School to High School. Corey and I did everything together to the point where…

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