The United States Public Education Essay

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The United States public education has been problematic with children and how they are taught the “school board’s way.” From teaching different ways to count to twenty, to having children take too many tests, the school board’s plan is to have a better education system in order for children to go to college and get adequate careers. Many folks say that there is a hole within the school board’s plan to educate our children today. Many disagree and say that the education is just fine. The school board is not adapting to the needs of children as they are becoming increasingly stressed at younger ages due to the failing school system. “According to Pearson, the United States has a “cognitive skills and educational attainment” score of 0.39, which makes the United States rank fourteenth out of forty countries ranked in that category,” (Mark). South Korea has made number one, following Japan, second, and Singapore, third, in the ranks. There are many reasons why we have not made the top 10 in education worldwide. Schools are closing rapidly, parents are not involved enough, a lack of diversity in gifted education, some teachers start to care less and do not put in the effort in teaching, and although the list goes on and on it does highly depend on the perspective of the two socioeconomic classes.
The public schools are separated by socioeconomic class, where high class areas have a better education system than those in lower class areas. According to PBS…

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