Standardized Testing Reactions

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Reactions to testing students

Standardized testing is something that can different reactions from kids that are; disregard the test, take too seriously, or loves to be tested on what they know. Testing is used to show that kids are learning what they needed on a district level and state level. In theory students who take these test on mentality stable and find ambition to take these test for the enjoyment and purpose to see where they will be, but that is not true for every student state wide or even within a small private school. I believe that standardized testing does have a huge benefit to some students, but it doesn’t accurately portray every student’s strengths with this “all size fits all” provocative. In a perfect world students
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Klimavicz points out that “My son passed at advance level with one question wrong, and has mastered the course work for the year. But the class taught the minimum standard. He got an F one quarter because he didn’t do 65 percent of 18 assignments even though he still got 100s on his test.” (Klimavicz, Nancy, Matthews, Jay, 2008, Washington …show more content…
Klimavicz son cannot be fully judged based off of just his slightly low grade average compared to the classes he was taking. Testing is his strong suit, and didn’t show that he didn’t try in class but doing nothing but worksheet and writing papers in his advance classes in high school wasn’t how his brain functioned. The education system needs the testing information when it comes to test elementary to high school, but does that show every student’s strengths are shown though their grade point average and falls short on the standards set by college ready test. Maybe if we change the ways that testing and grade averages or this one or the other, utilizing both of these methods that shows kids that it is ok to not be good at testing or to have an overall grade average define a student’s

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