No Child Left Behind Argumentative Research

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Standardized Tests

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has a negative effect on many students. Schools with low testing scores have to be shut down or be watch according to the policy. There should be a new guideline that will evaluate the school and the student’s. Many student’s learns at their own pace under different teaching styles. The policy cannot force the student’s to achieve higher when the student cannot reach that goal. The institution of standardized tests are leaving bad feelings from meaningless students. The purpose of this argumentative research is to tell the reader’s what is the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) and the negative effects that it have on the student’s. Many people are not familiar with the policy and simply don’t
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Other teachers said the testing period could be shortened so as not to exhaust the students. Still others maintained that testing should measure academic growth rather than absolute levels of attainment” (Buck 2010). The Learning Styles and Standard Testing Scores: Is There A Correlation? By Beverly Hill states that approximately twenty percent to thirty percent of school age population that forty percent are recall visuals. Beverly Hill also stated that looking at a student preferred learning style and then present the material accordingly (Hill 2005). It also studies that student’s demonstrate different ways that should be tested in different testing methods. Standardized tests are unnecessary, because it rarely show what the students don’t know …show more content…
There are many students that simply do not perform well on tests. Many of the students that don’t perform well on test are smart and understand and grasp the concepts of what they learned throughout the year. Also, many students develop test anxiety which hinders the students’ performance on tests. Teachers have so much pressure on them to get their students prepared and ready to take the standardized tests, the teachers often forget to teach their students the skills to go beyond tests to succeed. Standardized tests creates a lot of bad stress on the students, which is not healthy for the students and will also have a negative effect on their performance as well. The pressure to do well on test cause the teachers to change their structure of the curriculum to the tests then helping the students to gain real knowledge that will help the students to succeed in life. Many students are very smart but have a hard time taking tests. Most students will take them longer time to study and prepare to take the standardized test and still come up short in getting in to a college they like. Taking the Standardized test requires a lot of money because it can take students multiple times taking the tests to get a good score to get into their favorite college. Now the price in taking standardized tests, such as the SAT’s and the ACT’s is expensive and the price today is approximately fifty dollars each time

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