Essay about The United States Of Mexico

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The United Mexican States, the official name of Mexico, is a beautiful country with its own unique geography, people, institutions, and opportunities. Mexico is one of the countries that make up the North American continent and has a land area of 758,450 sq. ft. This makes Mexico the 13th largest country in the world based on area. In comparison, it is only one-fifth the size of the United States and 10 times larger than the state of Oklahoma. Mexico has lots of rugged mountain areas with high elevations; it also has deserts, high plateaus, and low coastal plains. The temperature in this region generally ranges from 80 degrees in April to 42 degrees in January, making the climate mainly tropical. The tropical climate is the perfect environment for the natural hazards such as tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes that can occur in Mexico. If and when these threats transpire they are most likely to happen in the coastal regions. Like many countries weather can have a large impact on the road surfaces. Throughout Mexico the roads are in rough condition with pot holes, drop offs, dirt roads, animals, and pedestrians, posing a greater risk to drivers. Mexico does have privately owned toll roads. These roads are only in slightly better repair, then the public roads. Some of the toll roads include an insurance premium in their price just in case the road surface quality is poor enough that it damages your vehicle. The article…

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