Essay On Mexican American War

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As you read this title you may have wondered what this paper will be about. It’s about the war between the United States and Mexico. If you figured that out on your own congratulations, you’re not an idiot. Although you might know which countries fought this war and where it was fought and can probably guess the outcome of the war there may be things that you don’t know about this war. Things you may not know is the causes of the war, and what years did this take place in. Just these 2 things are not really known was it before or after the civil war and who really started it? This is a small look at all of the different aspects of the Mexican-American war. This paper is for a US history class so let’s look at the history and find out what causes there were for the war.
The war between the United States and Mexico starts before the United States gets involved to fight Mexico. Spain came up with an idea of how to colonize Texas, but we’re going to keep to the southern edge, leaving the
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This was noticed by Americans and Stephen F. Austin and he called troops to help defend Texas. That name may sound slightly familiar to you, that’s because this was a very significant character in the Texas revolution and got a whole city named after him. Have you ever hear of Austin, Texas? That’s where it comes from. This paper is about the Mexican American war so a quick summary will be made for the rest of the Texas Revolution. After the initial 500 Mexicans troops came into Texas an all out war sprung up. The rest of the story is rather interesting and something you should read up on. There were some major battles by far the most famous was the Alamo, a battle that was won by the Mexicans through sheer force. This battle soon became a rallying cry “Remember the Alamo”. After more battles a final victory was made by the Texans and finally in June 1943 and the Armistice was agreed

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