Manifest Destiny And Manifest Destiny

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In 1829, American settlers began to reside in Mexico’s territories in the southwest, disregarding their customs and laws. American colonists in Texas protested Mexican rule, sparking the Texas Revolution in 1835. Soon after, Mexican dictator Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna attacked Alamo and won, but the Treaty of Velasco gave Texas independence and created the border between Texas and Mexico (Berkin 314). Unfortunately, Mexicans wanted renegotiation of the treaty, threatening war. On April 22, 1846, Mexico announced that its territory had been invaded and declared war.
American soldier William Barret Travis instructs in his letter “Commandancy of the Alamo” that Texans – and all Americans – should fight for their independence from Mexicans to
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O’Sullivan defines Manifest Destiny in order to support America’s decision to annex Texas, which was originally Mexican territory. O’Sullivan coined the term Manifest Destiny, the idea that Americans were destined by God to occupy and govern North America, to justify America’s annexation of Texas (O’Sullivan). After Texas was admitted to the Union, changes were made to her already republican government to mold her into America. In addition, O’Sullivan proceeds to address slavery and its role in annexation. He indicates that “annexation was a question with which slavery had nothing to do” (O’Sullivan). Then, he goes on to question whether there was any misery worse than slavery – an inferior to a superior race. No benefits of slavery were listed, nor were there attempts at explaining the evils of slavery. Besides Texas, O’Sullivan specifies other nations also joining America. He points out that “California [would] probably next fall away from the loose adhesion [of Mexico]” in addition to Oregon and Washington (O’Sullivan). Mexico would foolishly lose authority over California, and then California would become an independent state. By taking over land near the Pacific, America would then be able to expand and trade with eastern Asia. Thus, the spreading of America past the Mississippi River to the west coast would be immensely beneficial to trade and commerce of the world and increase power for

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