Was America Justified In Going To War With Mexico Essay

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Was America justified in going to war with Mexico? Before April 25, 1846, American you know today wasn't the same If America didn’t go to war with Mexico, American would only be half of the size it was today. This all started because Texas declared its independence from Mexico. Mexico wasn’t so thrilled about Texas actions. Which, leads to the question, was America justified to war with Mexico? The United States was not justified in going to war with Mexico because, America invaded mexico ,American were stealing land from Mexico, and the American were disobeying Mexico rules when they were in Texas. During the year 1821, Mexico gained its independence from Spain. Before America took mexico’s land, it was about the size of the United States itself. Mexico stretched from Guatemala to Oregon . Texas tried two time to apply for annexation to the United States, both times Congress said no. in 1844, when James k. Polk, a strong supporter of the manifest destiny ( god’s plan the America extend its territory all the way to the pacific ocean) became president, Polk didn’t only want to annex Texas, but he also wanted California (Roden background essay). Polk sent John Slidell, a special envoy, with a American Army, and that had anger the mexican officials (Roden Background essay)

Then on April 25th 1846, an American army lead by
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In Document A, John L. Sullivan stated, “California will, probably, next fall away from [Mexico}......The Anglo-Saxon foot is already on [California] border…...All this [will happen] in the natural flow of events….” Sullivan says the the Anglos in California will do anything to take California and thinks that California will once be ours, so Mexico should just hand over California peacefully. This evidence also shows that the US was not justified in going to war because America wanted to steal land that was supposed to be

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