Carlos Salinas De Gortari: An Analysis

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A very familiar theme continues to hover over Mexico specifically when it refers to the economic woes the political system continues to mismanage. Politicians that simply run for office to help themselves, while screwing the Mexican over time and time again. It is a behavior that has been in place since the Spanish conquistadors took over, by introducing new policies that benefited the white European while physically, morally, economically, and culturally destroying all social progress for the indigenous Mexican.
Mexico has always been rich in natural resources, landmarks and culture, but it has always struggled to maintain an economic system where... and once more Mexico found oil, one of its richest sources that could potentially gear
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Even though the three candidates running to for president in Mexico had a fair shot “A sudden computer crash stooped the vote tallying for several days. When the result was announced, Salinas was declared the winner […]. Salinas managed to embezzled millions of dollars from the Mexican treasury to fund other politicians, and drug lords. A president oversees running a country, to see flourish, and defend it against the enemy threats, yet to Mexicans demise, it was in fact housing one of them in their own country, one of their own no less. This is what is wrong with the political system not only in Mexico, but in every country where opposing sides of a body of government decides to protect internal interest rather than the interest of the many. Economic uncertainty and political fraud, and corruption led millions of Mexicans to cross the U.S. border, which caused an uncontrollable influx into the states, but also created the “new Mexican” in the US. One that worked to make American dollars, to support the family, or to stay, mixing in with a new culture, a new society, that was not very

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