Rigoberta Menchu Analysis

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To me this quote means that as human beings become increasingly aware of the diversity that exists throughout the globe and within our own country, we begin to acknowledge and respect one another, and through this we are one step closer in achieving peace within our country and our world.

For starters, I came from a country which failed time and time again to see and understand this concept Rigoberta Menchú so intricately devised into words. Mexico, in all of its natural beauty and ancient civilizations to soak up; is now in deep social and economic peril. Luckily, my mother was sufficiently educated to catch the early warning signs and knew that she wanted a better life for her and me, somewhere where we could have a second chance at life.
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Which is why I am such a strong advocate for social and political justice among my peers, my school, and my community. I want others to become aware of issues as they come up and address them before it is too late.

Secondly, Menchú’s quote also brought me to think about the meaning of fairness and the way it is executed across nations, but more specifically the United States. There's no doubt about it; we live in a country that continues to lose grasp of the meaning of fairness and therefore losing the following ideas of justice, and peace. Meaning that in order for a society to progress and develop positively, we must begin by re-centering our objectives as a country and become socially aware about the injustice that is happening within our own home before we tell others how to go about managing their own issues.
We must be the generation to start a revolution, because history has proved that revolutions don’t just start themselves. They are born out of the people who want a better future for themselves and their children; revolutions are made of those who unfairly experience the pre-existing bitterness and injustice that plagues their

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