The United States Of Education Essay

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The United States of America has the largest most robust economy in the world. America has the most advanced military in the world and serves as a beacon of hope and peace around the world. One would expect the United States to also be at the top of the list when it comes to our public education system; unfortunately that notion is false. Among thirty developed countries, the United States ranks 25th in math and 21st in science (Lessons in Education). As our economy is becoming more dependent on technological innovation, our position in the world in regards to math and science education is very weak. The hard working taxpayers of the United States pay near 10,000 per student to be education in our public school system (Lessons in Education). Our government throws millions of dollars at public education every year and what do we have to show? The solution to our failing schools is not to spend more money, rather the solution is to spend our money more wisely. Not surprisingly, students with high performing teacher progress three times as fast as student with low performing teachers. Teachers are what determine the fate of our education system. Many agree that we need better teachers in the classroom and that education reform is desperately needed in this country but there is one major road block; teachers unions. Unions have made teaching a very attractive career. Teachers have unprecedented job security, and pay minimally to their health benefits. The teachers unions do not…

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