Essay about The United States Government During The War Of Iraq

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After the war that occurred in Iraq and the dictatorship that came along with it by Suddam Hussein, the United States government conducted themselves as the primary source of repairing the damage and rebuilding Iraq. During that time, the United States government was held by the Bush administration. After all the damage was so called “fixed”, the Iraq government was still left in shambles; civilians, American troops, and political leaders were still being murdered. According to Larry Diamond author of “What went wrong in Iraq”, there are multiple reasons that led to Iraq’s poor reconstruction. The problems consisted of security, national insecurity, being able to close the legitimacy gap, and building a government that all different races will accept. Iraq being a diverse country as a whole created more issues that administration was not ready to deal with. The problems in detail that Iraq faced begins first with the country’s endemic violence. Endemic violence is violence caused by a particular group of people repeatedly, it is ongoing. For example, like Qaeda members. During the time Iraq was being rebuilt by the American government, Muqtada al-Sadar made his rise of being a radical young Shiite leader determined to gain power. Sadar demonstrated multiple forms of violence and terror to the people of Iraq. Sadar imposed threats of assassination to famous political leaders that were attempting to rebuild the country. Forms of violence that Sadar conducted were through a…

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