The Impacts Of The Gulf War And The Iraq War

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In the 1990, the Middle East and the whole World changed. On August 2, Iraq invaded Kuwait and began the brutal occupation. Iraq was not the only country affected.
The invasion created a global conflict, which lasts to this day. Many people thought that wars are a thing of the past and there is no place for them in the modern society of the
20th society. Were those war necessary? Would the Middle East would resolve their problems on their own, without the interference from the United States and United
Nation? When no one knows what it is about, it is probably about money. In the case of the Gulf War, money and oil were main reason behind the war. At that time, Saddam
Hussein was the president of Iraq - ruling with an iron fist for over 24 years. It was not
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Many people thought that it is not right to interfere with the politics of the other countries. Some thought that there is no other way. There was a large difference between the Gulf War and the US - Iraq war.
In the first case, there was a common consent of the world leaders; everyone wanted to help Kuwait and condemned Iraq 's actions. In 2003, people in Europe and the
Middle East were against the war. Even in the United States, Americans protested against the invasion. President Bush decision to send troops to Iraq was criticized even more, the longer the war was taking. It did not help that there was no weapons of mass destruction ever found in Iraq. There was also a large difference in number of casualties of both wars. In the Gulf War, about 400 troops from the
International Forces died and about 35,000 Iraqi people were killed. It was estimated that during the period of 2003 - 2006, about 655,000 Iraqi soldiers and civilians lost their lives. The United States lost 3,533 soldiers and over 53,000 were wounded.
The United Nation lost almost 300 troops. Were those war necessary? Would the world be just fine without them? Unfortunately, we will never

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