295 Remarque's 'The Lost Generation'

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The Lost Generation
In World War I about eleven million military men died. Barely any of the soldiers made it out of this tragic war without an injury. After the war ended on November 11, 1918 the men who were once enemies were now all just men. All the soldiers who had been together, fought together, and gone through the war together, would now go home and try to live as normal lives as they could. The war produced a lost generation because it left millions dead, twenty million wounded, and messed up the lives of the fifty-five million men who lived through the horrors of war. Millions of dead soldiers lined the country sides. War ruined so many families lives.
Young and older men who had loved ones they were fighting for, now just laid in piles. Sadly since so
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Most soldiers remember the war as a terrible dream or nightmare that will not go away. For the rest of a soldiers life they will never be able to put their feelings into words to explain just how gruesome their experience was. Unless someone actually was in the war, they would never be able to understand the full horrors a soldier goes through. Mentally and physically soldiers carry the war with them for the rest of their lives.
Although many soldiers were saved from death, the war was not something that could be easily forgotten. Sadly war ends up messing up more lands, lives, and people than should be worth anything that the winner of the war could receive. Where the battles were fought, the land would be covered in bodies, dugouts, trenches, barbed wire fences, and supply trash. There is so much cleanup that needs to be done after a war. The lost generation World War I created was a time when men were lost in their purpose for the world. They could not find their way back to a real life. The soldiers were lost. World War I caused this lost generation by leaving millions of soldiers dead, millions wounded, and millions of lives messed

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